Current Want List

05 shadow guard accessory (any of the ones that came with it), 07 storm shadow v22 bow and backpack, 91 lowlight rifle, 93 mudbuster missile, 83 apc dashboard, 82 vamp steering wheel, 86 stun engine cover, 08 destro v19 pistol, 05 snakeeyes v25 hook, 92 gung ho rifle, 89? night force muskrat sled, 02 dialtone v6 gun (black sub machine gun with sound tab), 89 battlefield robot hovercraft antenna, 87 pogo long propulsion tube, 90 capt grid iron elbow pad, 05 snakeeyes v25 hook, 1985 eels airhose, 1992 mutt launcher and pistol, 1993 muskrat knife, 1994 lifeline knife, 1992 nunchuk sword ,1989 gnawgahyde knife, 1985 airtight air hose, 87 bf 2000 vindicator hovercraft green radar dish, right front gun, 4 missils, rear tail rotor. 87 bf 2000 marauder motorcycle tank radar dish, 2 missils, rear motorcycle wheel w/hubcaps, black wheels for tank. 93 mega marines back blast body armor and clay, 93 robo joe launcher,

also looking for worn figures or figures with broken parts (i call them junker figures) let me know :) I can offer store credit at [url][/url] or buy straight out if its priced right :). Contact me at [email][/email] or here, thanks

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